Insider Detection & Investigation

ESG Lab Validates Insider Threat Solution

34% of IT professionals believe that the detection, containment and remediation of insider threats should be their primary objectives. Whereas in the past, IT focused on traditional external hackers, their focus is now shifting. Insider threats now pose a serious security threat, as their behaviors and tactics are subtle and harder to detect. To help fight this threat, purpose-built insider threat detection technology is essential.

ESG, a leading IT research firm, takes a look at ThinAir’s unique Insider Detection & Investigation technology.

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Key Takeaways

Current Cybersecurity Challenges

How the focus has shifted from external threats, to the more ambiguous insider threats

Insider Detection & Investigation

How tracking all user interactions with the data in real time allows for quick investigations and assessment of the scope of an incident

Business Impact of Insider Incidents

How within seconds, ESG found the vector of exfiltration and the potential financial impact of their sample data breach